Start managing your group by creating and adding some minimal details


Share the generated link to the members of your group

Join Group

Members will signup their own screen names for more excitement

Create Wishlist

Add your wishlist to have a complete overview of gifts which you actually like

Randomly Assign Members

Members will be randomly assigned with their matches after the signup deadline or by a click of button from moderators

Receive the gifts

Meet your group or send the gifts on the said exchange date

About ManitoManita

Manito Manita / Monito Monita is a term used in the Philippines for a Secret Santa exchange of gifts which is usually performed during Christmas season. This tool will help groups and individuals to manage the gift giving and activity by removing the hassle of drawing lots in person, as well as any form of biases. In addition, members will be able to keep track with their match’s name and wishlist, incase they forget. Now, how great is that?

Come and grab a slice!